Monday, July 14, 2008

Cube Runner

This app is available for free in the App Store and is also one of the best games out on the iPhone today. It's a very simple game in which you are an arrow traveling through a field of cubes, and the objective is not to hit any of the cubes. It seems very simple and straight forward, because it is. But that's what makes it great. Since this game is SO simple, I'm not going to list the good and bad points of it. I am however, going to tell you some of the good points of Cube Runner. 

1. Controls - Unlike SMB, these controls are pickup and play, and they aren't that innovative, but they handle extremely well. You just lean your iPhone from side to side to control the arrow. That's how simple the controls are. 
2. Replay Value - The replay value on Cube Runner is one of the highest in the entire App Store. It keeps track of your high score for that level and it's fun to try and beat you record, over and over and over and over again. 

The only other stuff worth mentioning is that the graphics could be polished a bit. Overall, this game is simple, addicting, fun. It is worth the download from the App Store and, it's free. You can't beat that. 


UPDATE: Cube Runner is no longer available for download in the App Store. This is because of some errors that occurred whilst playing the game. The developer has stated that he will update Cube Runner and it will return to the App Store once it is revised.

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Logan said...

It is indeed an elegant game, useful in its simplicity.

I've setup a repository for players who want to download additional custom tracks. Small, but growing. Check it out if you like at

Thanks for reviewing iPhone apps!