Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Bubbles is maybe the most pointless app out there. It does nothing that you can benefit from. But, it is maybe the most fun for a little child. I have been mesmerized by the beautiful icon and bubbles that appear on command. But maybe the most useful application of this app is to entertain little children. Touch the screen and a bubble appears. Touch the bubble again and it disappears. Drag you finger across the entire screen and lots of bubbles appear. And they move, too. Perfect for a little child. It will keep them occupied for hours just making and popping bubbles. The visuals are great and the bubbles vary in size so it will keep the child entertained just trying to pop one of the smaller ones. I haven't "field tested" it yet, but I'm sure the 2 year old I will be testing it on will love it. Overall, if you have a child and want to entertain him/her with your iPhone, download this app. But other than that, it pretty much is just a fun way to make and pop bubbles. Update coming soon about the field test.


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