Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The Facebook app is a great way to stay in touch with your friends and the iPhone site of Facebook is very limited. Basically you can write messages and set your status on the website, but with this app, many more possibilities are opened. Well actually, only one more is opened and that is Facebook chat. The app version of is limited in that you only have a status update feed instead of a total news feed. But what makes the app great, is that you can chat. The iPhone Facebook site won't let you do that and I find Facebook chat to be one of the best features available in the new app. Granted, you can still send messages and update your status, but the chat is just great. Another thing about the Facebook app is that it has a decent UI that is easy to navigate. Everything else is pretty much the same as So this makes this app score low in innovation but it does have some other nice stuff as mentioned above, so this app scores a mediocre rating. If you have a Facebook account and you like to chat with your friends online, this is a great app for you. But other than that, don't bother unless you just want to fill space. 


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mrtotes said...

I would give it a much lower score. The WebApp provides much more of the functionality I use. Whilst the chat and photo upload are nice it's a real shame they missed so much out.