Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tap Tap Revenge

Tap Tap Revenge (or TTR) is a Guitar Hero like app for the iPhone and iPod Touch that uses tapping instead of buttons. TTR has (or will have) a variety of songs to choose from, also like guitar hero. Also, TTR has a tournament mode and two player mode that will set this game apart from any other mobile GH-like game. The game is straight forward: Tap one of the three lines when the dot comes to the line at the bottom. As of now, I believe that TTR is the only GH-type game in the app store at the moment. And it will stay that way for some good reason.


1. Graphics: I have accumulated around two 5 gallon bucket's worth of droll over these graphics. Some of you may remember the original TTR, for jailbroken iPods and iPhones, that was called Tap Tap Revolution. If they switched the names, it would be perfect as the current version is much more revolutionary. The old TTR had OK graphics. Current TTR's graphic's are some of the best, if not the best, in the App Store. The lines in the game are like lightning bolts and they are polished to beyond belief. Even the dots are pretty. This whole game has been polished visually for a long time in preparation for the App Store launch. You have to try to believe. 
2. Gameplay: The gameplay for TTR is going in good, even though it does have some bad points. The gameplay is exactly like GH in that you tap to the beat. But my only problem is that as of now, the dots you are supposed to tap, aren't exactly in line with the beat. At times they are, but for the most part they kinda off-beat. This maybe a problem that will be fixed with future downloadable tracks or it is just a way to even get through and pass one of the tracks (the tracks so far sound like they would be impossible if it was on-beat). Overall the gameplay is great, but that's not even the best part...
3. Multiplayer: Yes, TTR has multiplayer. You may think, "how is that possible?". The answer is you take two sets of lines, and put them at opposite ends of the iPhone. It looks like the iPhone has been cut in half diagonally and each set of lines takes up one of the triangles. The surprising thing is however, it works! Not only does it work, it works well. Both player have a clear visual to what they are supposed to tap and it is great fun for a boring day with a friend. This might be the defining feature of TTR that makes it the #1 downloaded free app in the App Store. 
4. User Interface: The UI is very nice in TTR. It gives you clear options of what to choose and has a home and back button. I have never gotten lost in TTR's menus like I have in some other games. Overall, it is a great UI that is simple and polished, and deserves some mentioning. 
5. Free: You would think they would charge for a game like this. Nope. It's 100% free. Need I say more?

The Bad

1. Nothing: Yeah, that's right, nothing!

Overall this should be on your iPhone even if you have loads of money that you can spend on the App Store. This game is worth every penny even though you don't have to spend even one of them. Hell, even the icon is worth spending $1.99 at least. This game IS the best free app in the App Store. Final.


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